About Us

Shivam Automation offering Repairing, Maintainence, AMC Service, Installation, Sale, Spare Parts etc for Your Industrial Automation Products such as PLC Drive Repair, HMI Repairing, AC Drive Repair, DC Drive Repair, Servo Drive Repair, Veriable Frequency Drive, Encoders & CNC Electronics. So, Whether you need Repairs, Installation & Sale for your Automation Products in delhi ncr areas, we make it simple to schedule repair in fast mode. Encoder & CNC Reapir Service at very reasonable price. We are offering special repairing & Amc packages for Delhi Ncr Area & All India.

Our Story

Leveraging Industrial

Shivam Automation Since 2015

Shivam Automation stands for its Values, Capabilities and Process Strengths. Our values include fairness, honesty, respect, faith and freedom which helps us in guiding our relations with not just our customers but also with employees, vendors and investors. These values are followed to ensure that the company moves towards the most trusted and reputed brand in industry. 

Process Strength is one of the major core elements of Shivam Automation. Our processes are technologically advanced with mature management systems. This helps the company to offer latest products and advanced manufacturing processes along with the integrated solutions for customers’ complete requirement in the project, be it motors drives, automation, HT switches or HT transformers.

Power of TRUST

Shivam Automation is known as a leading system integrator and also as a solution provider. The company has vast experience for past seven years that has helped us gain expertise in industrial product trading and automation integration. We have combined this experience with the latest technology to come up with innovative solutions for our client’s power and automation needs. 

The company pushes the boundaries to ensure that the customers are not only satisfied with the highest quality products but also provides them with a unique sense of comfort and service. The company ensures that all the complaints are not only solved but are taken care such that they don’t repeat.


Shivam Automation aspires to be known as most trusted and successful team providing end to end solution all across in Industrial power and automation integration.

With a very strong engineering team Shivam Automation is taking up engineering jobs from Canada to kenya to Oman. After sales service for PLC/Drives/Panels/IMCC is being provide to users 24×7 positioning itself as ENGINEERING COMPANY available Worldwide.


CUSTOMERS: To continue delivering unmatched quality products utilizing advanced technical and engineering capabilities while further strengthening the relationship and trust with their customers

VENDORS: To foster lifelong relationship with our vendors and develop new challenging business opportunities for creating a symbiotic growth and learning environment

PRINCIPALS: Creating a conducive environment of utmost trust, faith and reliability for its principals ensuring loyalty, transparency to gain strong presence in the market and

EMPLOYEES: To create an environment of complete transparency, responsibility and exposure for its employees enabling high career growth and advanced learning for the continuous strengthening of their skills.